Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.
Mahatma Gandhi


n. 1. That which surrounds, and gives meaning to, something else.
  2. The circumstances in which an event occurs; a setting.
v. 1. To knit, weave or bind together; to unite closely.


Context in Perspective

We can overcome the past to start Living in Context  

  • Embrace the GOOD in who we really are
  • Release our fear, guilt and shame that holds us back
  • Unleash our creative energy in every area of life
  • Transform the world around us

When we learn how transform the definitions and limitations that fragment our lives and live in the context of who we really are, we will...

  • Release the guilt and shame of the past
  • Embrace the secrets we work so hard to hide
  • Integrate the difficulties we believe restrict you
  • Surpass the disabilities we let limit our success
  • Find our own spiritual path beyond outdated rules and traditions
  • Transform the unattainable dream

... to become the amazing person we were designed to be!

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