A Wedding at Home: Key Elements to Transform Your Home

A wedding and reception at home can save you hundreds of dollars, but the effort is all your own. You must transform the everyday home into a space that’s functional for many visitors. Discover the key elements that can transform your home into a wedding paradise.

Opening up the Space

Begin the transformation by opening up the space. Stand outside of your front door and walk inside. Survey the entryway and path to the backyard. Most households will need furniture pulled from the main floor while adding in rental chairs. Store the furniture in a garage, for example. There must be enough walking and mingling room for a comfortable event.

You may even opt for an alternative pathway to the wedding and reception in the backyard. Open up a side gate that’s attractively decorated. The home’s interior can merely be for preparations and not for the visitors themselves.

Adding Structure

Depending on the event’s size, a tent or structure may need to be constructed. Consider the weather patterns in your area. If there’s even a chance of rain or inclement weather, try a structure built by professionals. For example, Clear Span fabric structures offer open spaces under the tent without too much infrastructure required. These installations can be temporary or permanent based on your needs.

Creating Fantasy

Some elements to your wedding should be whimsical. It’s supposed to be a celebration of a couple finding love. Think about a few fun additions, such as lovebirds in an elaborate cage. Splurge a little bit on decorative flowers that have an intoxicating scent. Because you’re saving a lot of money on the venue, you can spend some funds on the details. Go ahead and use your favorite flower on the decorations.

Start all of your planning early on. Trying to figure out the tiniest details on a tight schedule will just make the process harder and more stressful. Remind yourself that this is a time of celebration. A wedding and reception can be seamless with enough attention to detail.