Great Ways to Expand Living Space Outdoors

Having a home is a wonderful investment. It allows people to define their own space and create it into their own haven. Owning a home allows the perfect place to entertain and enjoy quiet days and raise a family.

Home Improvement Projects and Additions

One of the best advantages of owning a home, is being able to create it into space that is more personal and defined. This is usually done with a variety of home remodeling projects, additions, decorating and renovations. While upkeep and maintenance are an ongoing process, changing and adding onto a home’s living space are usually deemed more specialized home projects.

Whether it’s creating a new room or expanding the home with a porch, patio or deck, there are always many great projects for a home especially when it comes to renovations and remodeling projects. While most of these are indoor projects, some are great outdoor expansion and landscaping projects. This can include adding fencing and defining yard space with better landscaping and building outside living areas.

In fact, there is an increasing trend with homeowners to expand their living space beyond the bounds of a home and create outdoor living spaces. This trend is an excellent new way to enjoy more time outside and expand living space beyond the indoor square footage.

The Best Ways to Expand Outdoor Living Space

Creating outdoor living space expands a home’s livable square footage allowing for more outdoor space that can be used for relaxing, entertaining and dining. One of the more popular expansions is taking the more traditional patio space and giving it a cover so that is can be enjoyed throughout more time of the year. This can be accomplished with the use of a patio cover like Nortex patio covers.

Other outdoor living space expansions can include: building a porch, deck or adding a cabana or gazebo in the yard. Each of these can create an expanded living space for outdoor enjoyment. In many cases, when the projects begin, a homeowner will create a sketched design.

Whether it’s a simple sketch or more formal design, this is a great way to start the process. It helps give a better visual idea of how everything will look when it is completed. Simple sketches allow for easy changes to the project as it goes along. Sketches should be complete with basic ideas on dimensions and other details like the materials to be used. These sketches can be given to a contractor who will use this to create a more formalized sketch for their work.

One of the best suggestions for people who live in regular neighborhoods and want a bit more privacy, is to install a fence to begin the project. The addition of fencing to define personal yard space, can help build privacy before any other yard work begins.

Three of the expansion approaches, building on a porch, deck or patio, can create space that is attached to the home which makes them perfect for outside dining and entertaining. Usage of decks and patios can be even further expanded with the help of patio and deck covers which allows for outside time even in a rainstorm.