How to Deal with Water Seepages in Your Home

If you suspect that you have water seeping in your home, it’s something that you need to check out immediately. Water can cause massive damage to your home and even result in dangerous mold forming very quickly. As this article states your first stop should be your water meter.

You will want to make sure that no water is being used at your home including both interior rooms and exterior faucets. You will want to then look at the water meter and see if use is being measured on it. If it’s showing water is being used, then you have a leak somewhere in your pipes. As an alternative, you can write down the exact number on the water meter for how much water has been used. Keep everything off for two hours and then go look at the meter again. If the number is higher than you have a leak.

You will need to bring in a plumber if you have a leaking pipe. They have the tools and expertise to figure out where the leak is and how to repair or replace the faulty piping. If the leak is in a wall, they will need to remove drywall to deal with the problem. They will hook up equipment to dry the area out, but you will need to repair the drywall yourself or have another contractor do so.

Other problems a homeowner can likely take care of themselves. When it comes to water leak from a faucet it’s usually just the rubber washer that needs to be replaced. To fix a leaking toilet the problem is almost always either the toilet flapper or the filling device. You can buy both these parts at any retailer that sells home repair items.

The toilet flapper sits at the bottom of the tank. It’s a rubber valve that is lifted when the toilet handle is used. These become worn down over time and may crack. This leads to a lot of water seeping away in the toilet causing waste of this resource and higher water bills.

The toilet flapper can be replaced using just regular tools such as a screwdriver and/or a wrench. You will need to shut off the water before replacing this part. This can be done either under the sink where there is a water shutoff valve, or you can shut off water to the entire home at the main shutoff valve, often found in the garage. Once you have replaced this part turn on the water again and make sure that this solved the problem.

Sometimes leaks in the pipes managed by the water provider is the source of a major problem. This recently occurred in Kenova, West Virginia at this news article details. City workers discovered several leaks in the system which they repaired. However, water pressure was lost to a number of customers which included area schools, homes, and businesses. The city advised that everyone needs to boil their water until the city notifies them this will no longer be necessary.