What Can Siding Be Made From?

Is your home looking a tad drab these days? Years of exposure to wind, water and snow have left a worn and outdated look behind. One way you can help is by adding some siding to your home. Siding is used to decorate homes and most often make them look like they are covered in wood. The planked look can be added all around the house or just on a few key spots. Siding’s primary function, however, is to help make the home watertight. What is siding made out of? There are a few main materials that make up this user-friendly and classy building material.

1. Vinyl

The most common material used these days to make siding is vinyl. If you were to peruse the local siding contractors lake county il, you’d find many of them touting the use of vinyl. Why? Vinyl is a heavy plastic that is watertight and won’t break down over time. It is made to last and comes in many colors which will either match or add an accent to your home. Vinyl also needs very little maintenance.

2. Wood

Wood is the classic siding material and used to be the dominant entrant. The best part about wood is it can be resanded and repainted. It does, however, typically need replacing more often because of exposure to the elements over long periods. You can replace boards as required, however, based on the way it is applied.

3. Metal

Warehouses and other industrial buildings are often covered in metal siding. This material doesn’t break down as quickly as wood. It is lightweight and can be applied smoothly over any surface. It can be pressure washed to get rid of any dirt or grime that may build up over time.

When it comes to making your home look its best, siding may be an easy fix. With various options available, you should be able to find what you need to make your home look its best.